English Music Fectival

The English Music Festival (EMF) is a new annual event which aims to "restore English music to its rightful place at the heart of our nation's cultural life." It will celebrate the diversity of English music from the Middle Ages to the present day. The inaugural festival event took place in October 2006, in and around the historic village of Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

As Em Marshall, the Festival’s Managing & Artistic Director, explains: “the English Music Festival will introduce to live audiences some of the hidden gems of the English musical tradition, including many works from the early twentieth century - the renaissance of English music - that have been overlooked for too long”. “English music is diverse, exciting and innovative and it deserves to be heard”.

The English Music Festival is also composed of a President, Mr. Boris Johnson, and Vice Presidents. The next festival will be held in Spring 2008.

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