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Musicality is a project, although set up originally for writing about classical music, there is no reason why anything else musical can't be included as well.

The wiki is small at the moment, because it is just in its beginning stages, but I believe it's a worthwhile project and if we all come together we could make it a good site. Join in with anything about music that takes you're fancy.

If you want to help, but are not sure what you can do, please post on the forums or leave a message for DMajj or Dave2010.

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  • Composers - Includes quotations, list of important works, reviews plus a brief biography on a selection of composers
  • Performers - Orchestras, Pianists, Chamber Groups, etc.
  • Genres - New Everything from the grand symphony with voices, to solo music
  • Events - The BBC Proms, other festivals and important concerts of the past and in the future
  • Reviews - The good, the very good and what to avoid
  • Audio - Hints and tips on digital music etc.
  • Recordings - ..... follow this link to put your favourite recordings into these pages
  • Podcasts (and downloads) New - The next big thing for classical music on the internet?
  • News New - What's going on in the world of classical music
  • Music - a place for sheet music and articles about music
  • Suggestions - Help us improve this website
  • Sandbox - a play area for testing!

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