Beethoven Symphonies, Charles Mackerras, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Cheap set around ~£10, Strict use of Beethoven's marked Tempi, Certain section's of the Choir not quite up to the task of Beethoven's 9th. Great Value. Evan R

Beethoven Symphonies, Walter, Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Sony/CBS, periodically available at low cost. Symphony 6 is excellent. So are numbers 1,2 and 4 Dave2010

Beethoven Symphonies, Klemperer, Philharmonia Orchestra, EMI, generally available at low cost, sometimes in a bundle with the piano concertos. Good, though some of Klemperer's earlier recordings (mono?) have significantly better performances. Recordings sound a bit dated.

Beethoven Symphonies, Hogwood - complete set is reasonably priced, and most of the performances are very good. Dave2010

Beethoven Symphonies, Norrington - complete set is very cheap (try to get it for £10 or less! - HMV?) - not perfect, but good. 7th Symphony in particular is good IMHO - very different rendition of "slow" movement. Dave2010

Beethoven, 1st Symphony, Walter, CSO, rated ***** Dave2010

Beethoven, 3rd Symphony, Bernstein, NYPO, superb, rated ***** Dave2010

Beethoven, 3rd Symphony, Barbirolli, ??, superb, rated ***** Dave2010 Is this still available? Used to be on EMI classics. I have the LP.

Beethoven, 9th Symphony, Karajan, several versions all good, rated ***** Dave2010

Beethoven, 9th Symphony, Schmidt-Isserstedt, rated ***** Dave2010

Beethoven, 9th Symphony, Ansermet, rated ***(**) - with Sutherland Dave2010